The Theobroma Procedure (2014 p. 15 - 17) first published in the literary magazine of the Caribbean American Heritage Month (USA) celebrates the oral tradition of Rhea's family history while intersecting the current questions of cultural and socio-economic identity faced by Caribbean migrants around the globe.


As an allegory, The Theobroma Procedure also encourages the reader to critically examine the forms of neo-colonization existing within our modern-day consumption of agricultural goods- especially of those indigenous to non-European contexts.


The theobroma or 'cacao' as it's more commonly known, and the ways in which it is quite literally handled, is the perfect medium through which we can reflect upon the consequences of European colonialism as well as observe the current day methodologies of trade, globalism, imperialism, and socio-political definitions of identity.


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The Art of Hoping is Rhea Ramjohn's first novel.


Set over the span of four decades, five family members, and two countries, The Art of Hoping is not only a coming-of-age story for each of its principal characters, but also a refreshing and sometimes surprisingly new take on the classic "(im)migrant" story and interpretation of the "American Dream."


Rhea is currently seeking representation and a publishing home for her debut novel.

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