Tanti Table Podcast


Three women of color in Berlin sit at a table to talk. United by the magic of diaspora, we pour some tea, we laugh, and open our table to record the powerful and intersectional voices at our table.

 We are the "tantis"- the creole word for "auntie" - the trusted femme figure found across the Global South who represents love, experience, and mischievous fun! Tanti Rhea hails from Trinidad, Tanti Armeghan from Germany & Afghanistan, and Tanti Goitsy from South Africa.  Each meeting, we welcome special guests at the Tanti Table to address the Thinkers, Anecdotes, News, Taboos, and Intersectionality of our times (T.A.N.T.I.!) Our guests are those propelling the culture. They are funny, they are real,they are passionate, and they are looking for an empathetic ear, a full glass of tea (in ALL its forms!) and a safe space to talk, where there's always place for you- at the Tanti Table.


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Hormonal Podcast


Hormones affect everyone and everything: from our skin, to stress, to sports.

But for most of us, they're still a mystery.

Even the way we talk about hormones makes no sense. ("She's hormonal.") So let's clear some things up.


Each week, Rhea Ramjohn is asking scientists, doctors, and experts to break it all down for us.

Hormonal - a new podcast from Clue.

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