PERFORMANCE - curator, moderator, pedagogue

With more than 25 years of performance experience- as a TV show host, thespian, dancer, panel moderator, spoken word artist, story-teller, and teacher- Rhea Ramjohn feels not only empowered on stage, but defines the stage as her home.

While still engaging in many of these performance art forms through collective and collaborative work, Rhea has further applied her talents to founding and curating interactive presentations, gatherings, and monthly events in Berlin and beyond.



Tell it! Tuesdays

“Tell it! Tuesdays” is an art event series that highlights visual and performance artists, journalists and writers as they present literary and visual exhibitions, and talks directly with the audience about their work.
We seek to celebrate the vibrant arts community in Berlin, by specifically showcasing the diverse vernaculars of artists from around the globe.
Join us on the last Tuesday of every month where the artists take the stage with their work, break through the conventional cannons of the art world, and tell it!
If you are a visual, perfromance, or literary artist and you would like to present your work as well as engage in conversation on stage with Rhea Ramjohn and the audience about your work, please contact Rhea at
Founder, Curator & Host- Rhea Ramjohn      @rhearamjohnwriter
Facebook        @tellittuesdaysartseries

WA(i)VE exists to be a safe, resourceful, supportive network in which to collaborate, inspire, empower, and share knowledge amongst gender nonconforming people of colour, non binary people of colour, trans women of colour, and women of colour from around the world, so as to strengthen and celebrate one another’s vernacular and distinctive forms of self expression, specifically in the arts, scholarship, social justice, and community service.
This group, its members’ interests and work tend to overlap in the fields of art, academia, and activism; therefore we seek to create a safer platform or junction where these subjects and their purveyors can meet.
For more information about WA(i)VE and potential membership, please contact Rhea Ramjohn at
Founder & Administrator - Rhea Ramjohn       @rhearamjohnwriter
Facebook      @waivecommunity
Design    Syennie Valeria

Writing Inspired by Art

A one-of-a-kind writing series developed and led by Rhea Ramjohn in co-operation with artists, art galleries, and exhibition spaces.

This course encourages writers of all levels and experience to tap into the ways in which a piece of visual art inspires our story-telling. By first learning the foundational forms and methods of writing on art, participants are then encouraged to push beyond the technical ways of describing a piece, and discover how the creative writer in all of us are inspired by art.

Within this course, participants develop a completed literary piece, and also have the opportunity to present their writing to the public- and the visual artist themselves- during the exhibition finissage.

For more information on booking or hosting this course in your event space, please contact Rhea Ramjohn at